Montecristo Double Edmundo

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Habanos s.a. presents Montecristo Double Edmundo, a new vitola in the Línea Edmundo, offering a longer Edmundo for those seeking the full Montecristo flavour without time constraints.

Montecristo Double Edmundo is arriving to the different points of sale in most of countries. This vitola is an offering to those who are able to enjoy their cigars at a more leisurely pace.

All this Montecristo Habanos are made ‘Totalmente a mano con tripa larga– Totally handmade long filler- with selected leaves coming from Vuelta Abajo* zone, (D.O.P), Pinar del Río*, Cuba.

Montecristo Double Edmundo incorporates the new Montecristo ring, which being innovative in its design keeps at the same time the classic look of the brand.

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Factory Vitola: Dobles Popular Vitola: Robusto Extra Ring Gauge: 50 Lenght: 6 1/8″ Strength: Medium – Full Packaging Type: Semi Boite Nature Box of 25 cigars Origin:Cuba Made: Hand-Made Montecristo Double Edmundo, a new vitola in the Edmundo line, offers a longer Edmundo for those seeking the full Montecristo flavour without time constraints. Montecristo, which was created in 1935, is the best known Habanos brand in world and considered by many the benchmark of Habanos flavor. In 2004, a new vitola was introduced into the Montecristo brand called the Edmundo which was aimed at satisfying the demand for a heavy ring gauge. A shorter version called the Petit Edmundo, followed two years later. Montecristo Double Edmundo bears the new Montecristo ring, which while being innovative keeps the same classic look of the brand. The boxes of 25’s also carry a new protective bofetón (protective leaf of paper inside the box) as well as a papeleta (rectangular seal on the side of the box).


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