Bolivar – Corona Extra

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Box of 25, 5 (5/8 x 44) 
Dazzling to gaze at and just as superior when lit. This Bolivar is rich and palatable with a creamy coffee taste and spicy nature. Typical wrapped in dark and oily wrappers, this full bodied, well-balanced cigar is one of the best, full strength Havana’s made in recent years.Complex and spicy with a distinct Bolivar aroma.

The Bolivar brand was created in 1900 by José Fernandez Rocha. Named after Simon Bolivar, the legendary figure who liberated most of South America form Spanish colonial rule in the early 19th century. The Corona Extra is considered the most Bolivarish of the Bolivar cigars. Well constructed, this Gran Corona is very strong, spicy and earthy, yet at the same time, consistent and refined. This cigar requires a long maturation for the blend to reach its intended peak. This cigar must be smokes slowly and steadily to enjoy the full range of intense aromas. These 2007 will need some more time to be at their peak, but those of you who enjoy raw power will love this cigar now. This cigar is no longer in production. 

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