Cuban Cigars Quai D’Orsay Brand:
This brand name owes its origin to the sophisticated taste of the French market. Produced in the 1970s, the name is extracted from a well-known street in Paris, france beside the River Seine. All Quai d’Orsay sizes are made with a lighting tasting blend of leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region and its wrappers are usually mainly distinguished by their Claro (light brown) and Colorado Claro (mid brown) colors.
Strength: Light-Medium

$USD 496.00 $USD 437.00
$USD 580.00 $USD 356.00
$USD 560.00 $USD 380.00
$USD 650.00 $USD 510.00
$USD 921.00 $USD 782.00
$USD 580.00 $USD 356.00

All sizes are "totalmente a mano, tripa larga" - totally hand made long filler.