Cuban Cigar Online BIOGRAPHY

We are offering the Finest Cuban Cigars Online with the greatest variety and an Excellent Customer Service. We have been within the Internet Cuban Cigars Industry since 1990′s. This is our Family’s tradition from generation to generation working on the excellence of Cuban Cigars since then. It is the heritage of our ancestors that makes […]

Cuban Cigars: Quality Control

High-quality Control of the Cuban Cigar Boxes in the Factory High quality management on cigars concerns the development, appearance, taste, and suction(draw). As soon as it’s done, it’s not finished. High-quality control needs to be exercised on all packaging materials and, then, on the full box to verify the shading of the cigars before closing it. That appears easy. In reality, for hand made cigars, it’s a tough problem. To not do it, however, to set up the standards of acceptance and to respect them. Construction Control A Premium cigar is meant to have an ideal form on the correct dimension (size and ring gauge). The physique should be straight […]

Cuban Cigar Aficionado Hall of Fame

~ Cigar Aficionado Hall of Fame  Who shaped cigar culture? From a small tribe of native peoples in what became the nation of Cuba, to European aristocrats. From aristocrats to authors and world-builders. Businessmen, actors, politicians, thinkers, movers and shakers. All of us have had a hand in the making of cigar culture. This list […]

Hollywood Cigars: Aficionados on Screen

Hollywood Cigars: Aficionados on Screen Cinema culture is at the center of our lives. It has gilded our dreams with class and fine-living fantasies. Every silver-screen hero requires an equally classic cigar to complete the persona. Over the history of classic film and television, dapper heroes have wielded cigars as a declaration of power or […]